October 30, 2015

Adman Rich Silverstein cycles through life – Pilates, Prada

Biking is a kind of meditation for Rich Silverstein, co-chairman and partner of the award-winning advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners – known for the “Got Milk?” commercials, among many others. Having recently moved to San Francisco, his new morning routine includes a quick ride to see his beloved bridge. For his commute about the city, Silverstein sometimes rides his electric bicycle made by Specialized Bikes, which enables him to zip along faster than the cabs. Every morning he cleans his bicycle and drinks a cup of Peet’s coffee – caffeine being “the drug of cyclists,” he says. Aside from a chance meeting on the Golden Gate Bridge, you might run into him at On Cue Pilates on Sacramento Street, but that’s about it: “I don’t go to grocery stores, dry cleaners or florists,” he says, “but occasionally you’ll find me at Prada.” During his workweek, Silverstein finds solace in a roster of classic restaurants near his California Street offices. Le Central, 453 Bush St., San Francisco It’s a piece of real San Francisco, you can feel the ghost of Herb Caen sitting next to you. Recchiuti Confections, 1 The Embarcadero, San Francisco Caramels and salt replaces peanut butter and […]