November 16, 2015

Julia Hartz – favorite hangouts in S.F.

Eventbrite co-founder invites anyone to check out her list of favorite spots, S.F. and nearby Yet the petite Hartz, in nude Jimmy Choo pumps, an oversize Chloe purse, and a company that recently passed $ 1.5 billion in ticket sales, could easily be mistaken for pretty cool. “The offline experience is the new luxury good,” she said over enormous egg and bacon sandwiches at Marlowe near Eventbrite’s SoMa offices. A mother of two, Hartz said her favorite places in San Francisco are “kind of boring,” before mentioning her husband’s flying lessons in Sonoma. Hartz’s favorite hangouts Rose’s Cafe: 2298 Union St., San Francisco: We live just a few blocks away, so it’s quite literally our second kitchen. Sonoma Horse Park: 7600 Lakeville Highway, Petaluma: Our daughter rides at Burgundy Farms in Sonoma, and we fell in love with the region. Near the park we found this huge old barn imported from New Jersey that had been retrofitted into a house, so we rented it and spent three months living there, working in the city, but getting out into nature, which for us is like ‘Oh, a bird!’ Kevin (Hartz, her husband) took flying lessons. On The Town